1. Getting Started

Before you get started its important you understand what this particular library is about. Make sure you read the introduction and the following architecture overview.

1.1. Overview

The Baleen projects aims to make migrations easier for anyone. All projects under the “Baleen umbrella” are meant to be related to migrations in one way or another.

Baleen Migrations is the core of the Baleen project. It provides a domain model on top of which other migration libraries can run their migration scripts.

In other words: Baleen Migrations alone is NOT supposed to be an end-user solution. Its meant to be used by other repositories such as Doctrine Migrations, and it is those repositories that would become the end-user libraries that framework users consume.

So if you came to this repository to find a new migrations solution then you’re not quite in the right place yet. Instead, please refer to the implementations list of libraries - we hope there you’ll find what you’re looking for.

1.2. Installation

Installing Baleen Migrations with Composer is very easy:

composer install baleen/migrations

Then make sure you require the Composer autoloader:

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// do Baleen stuff here.

You’re all set!

Refer to the Examples to see Baleen Migrations in action.