3.1. Usage ExampleΒΆ

The following example illustrates how you can use Baleen migrations from within your code to trigger a set of existing migrations.


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// The repository is in charge of loading all available migrations.
$repository = new DirectoryRepositoryMapper(__DIR__ . '/migrations');
$available = $repository->getAllAvailableMigrations();

/* The Storage retrieves a list of versions that have already been run.
   Here we're loading from a file, but it could also be a DB table, API call, etc. */
// requires package "baleen/storage-flysystem"
$storage = new FlyStorage(__DIR__ . '/versions.txt');
$migrated = $storage->fetchAll();

$timelineFactory = new TimelineFactory();

/* The Timeline sorts migrations in order and runs them based on their status */
$timeline = $timelineFactory->create($available, $migrated);

// Say we want to make sure all migrations up to and including v015 are UP:

// Now lets revert all migrations down to version 13 (inclusive)
$timeline->downTowards('v013'); // will revert 15, 14 and 13 - in that order

/* You can also run a single migration in any direction and pass custom arguments
   to the Migration. */
use Baleen\Migration\Options;
$options = (new Options())->withCustom([
    'notifyEmail' => 'jon@doe.me',
$timeline->runSingle('v100', $options);

/* Delta 'v100' will receive an instance of RunOptions through the setOptions
   method. You can also pass RunOptions to most of the other Timeline methods. */